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  1. How a New Jersey CIO Learned to Love COBOL

    From the Facebook *Cobol Programmers* group we get a familiar (to us at Camelian) story of a history of "modernizations".

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  2. "The New COBOL": Benno Rice

    At a PyCon conference in Australia, Benno Rice gave a talk of this title.

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  3. Update on the Camelian's Source-Level GnuCOBOL Debugger

    We thought it would take a few hours, maybe a day, to get the Windows package(s) running. That was three weeks ago.

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  4. HackaDay on "The Inevitable Return of COBOL"

    I stumbled across a 2015 HackerRank article this morning looking for pictures.

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  5. Going Live!

    Camelian.Systems, a Division of [Symas Corporation](, is coming on stream

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