COBOLworx is a division of Symas Corporation, the premier Commercial Technical Support provider for the OpenLDAP Directory management software. COBOLworx develops, supports, and helps deploy tools for porting applications from other platforms to Linux(1) and The Cloud.

Our first product in this space is Commercial Technical Support for GnuCOBOL, the Free Software Foundation’s (GNU Project’s) COBOL compiler. GnuCOBOL is Free (GPL) and Open Source Software. It supports many dialects of COBOL including various IBM offerings, MicroFocus, AcuCOBOL, Fujitu’s Netxxx, and many others. It produces efficient code native to the specific processor architecture your systems run on (Intel, AMD, ARM, POWER, etc.). With the recent Release of GnuCOBOL 3.1, it has become a credible base for porting COBOL applications to Linux.

  1. Linux, on this site, means POSIX more broadly. The operational issues at the lower levels for POSIX simulated on non-POSIX platforms (Windows, Z-Linux, etc.) may make porting somewhat less transparent.